Sonicare Vs Oral B Electric Toothbrush

If you use electric toothbrushes you should already know that sonicare and oral b are the two best electric toothbrush brands in the world. Dentists worldwide recommend them for maintaining a good oral hygiene and there is definitely a reason why that is the case. They use the same technology and most of their features are the same. They however differ in some ways which we are going to cover in this article.

So which is better between oral b and sonicare toothbrushes? It is definitely no brainer to choose electric toothbrushes but it is very difficult to know which the best electric toothbrush brand is. Sonicare and Oral B are top two brands in the world but which one should you choose if you are in the market for the perfect electric toothbrush?

We compare the two brands below;

  • Usability. Usability is something that you can’t disregard when buying an electric toothbrush. What i have found out (and may be you) is that the user guide for the oral b brand is confusing and complicated. It takes a bit of trial and error to operate it properly. Philips sonicare on the other hand is easy to use
  • Durability. The durability of the toothbrushes of both brands is definitely not in question and as expected they score high marks in that area. We have however found out some customer complaints about the oral b on Amazon.
  • Cost. Electric toothbrushes are definitely not cheap and you should be ready to part with not less than $100 to end up with a quality product that would last long and keep functioning properly for as long as you need. In terms of price, both brands are on the same range

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What are some dating questions to ask a guy?

So you are dating a guy you like and wondering some interesting questions to ask him for a successful conversation? Read on and i am going to share with you some good ones that are definitely worth trying.

One thing you have to remember is that you should listen as much as you talk. Don’t dominate the conversation and neither should you allow him to dominate. Everyone of you should be involved in the conversation and you would surely enjoy it. That being said, you should only ask questions that add value to the conversation. Don’t ask irrelevant or dirty questions that might put him off.

I put together a list of 50 in depth dating and relationship questions to ask a guy before entering into a relationship with him. These questions are meant to help you decide on whether you should start a relationship with a certain guy or not. They should simply answer the general question of, is he the right one for me?

As the girl you are supposed to pose each and every one of these 50 questions to the guy you are dating or interested in and see what his responses are. Ask each question at a time while you relax back and wait for his responses as you take notes on the back of your mind. Remember to be very keen and pay total attention to his Responses as you will be in a better position to judge on whether he is the right one for you or not. These questions are simply a questionnaire test that will make it clear if the two of you share some characteristics or habits or views and whether you can go along together without the clash of interest or egos

You can read the 50 questions to ask a guy here and let me know if you happy with them

How long would it take me to learn guitar?

One of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring guitarists is the issue of how long it will take them to learn to play the guitar. The simple reason that we are humans makes us impatient and we always want to achieve things in the shortest time possible.

No one wants to learn to play the guitar for years without making little or no progress at all. The longest time most people are willing to get committed to the training is roughly two years. Most people would just give up and accept defeat if they haven’t progressed by the time the second year is over.

To be honest, learning the guitar is not something that is easy. You have to be committed to it and working hard on the lessons and your patience will finally repay. If you think you can master the guitar in less than a year think again. There is a lot of work to it that you think. That however doesn’t mean it is impossible. Like anything else it needs you to commit some time and resources and be disciplined.

The best advice i can give you is hire a guitar teacher that you personally pay. Even if it means paying him $100 a lesson, so be it. The end result would be that you will progress in a smooth way and significantly shorten the amount of time you would normally take to learn to play the instrument.

If you are not able to hire a teacher, i would instead suggest you join any of the paid online guitar lessons sites on the internet. They are more cheaper and there are thousands of video lessons that you can benefit from. I would suggest you check out either jamplay or guitartricks as they are by far the best training sites on the internet. These two sites are arguably the best way to learn guitar on your own

So what are you waiting for? buy a guitar now (if you don’t have one) and get started as soon as possible.